Aerial Advertising

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Aerial Advertising

Singapore Heli-Services will soon operate Singapore’s 1st Aerial Advertising Banner. The impact of the our nation flag being flown during National Day Parade is truly unforgettable. We looked to provide a cost effective way for you to reached out to millions in a very short time. Our aerial billboards partners have worked with major brands such as Google, Mac Donald, Disney and Microsoft.

How could your company benefits from Aerial Advertising:

  • Brand Building & Awareness

We help you target key audiences to increase awareness of your brand; aerial adverts give your company a talking point like no other.

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Huge impact & “wow!” factor can provide unrivalled support to other types of media in your creative campaigns.

  • Sports & Entertainment Sponsorship

Helicopter banners are unique; bringing excitement and amazing cut-through to large, highly receptive audiences. e.g. F1 races,Football, Cricket, Rugby, Music Concerts, Movie Launches, etc

  • New Product Launches & Technologies

Create interest, buzz and awareness through this unmissable medium

  • Call to Action Messages

Promote SMS (text) services, competitions offers, direct traffic to your website, etc


  • TV & other Media Coverage

There is huge potential for spontaneous print, radio & TV coverage, as well as huge captivated live audiences

We offer clients tailor-made packages, ensuring they receive the most cost- effective results.

Aerial Advertising Vs Conventional Advertising

  • Significant Cost Savings

Able to reach a greater mass at a lower cost

  • Novelty or Uniqueness

Consumers are inundated by advertisements. Aerial Billboard is definitely an “attention seeker”

Instant attention and it stands out in the huge sky with no clutter

Aerial Advertising can’t be tuned out or switched off

  • Increase Ad recall

Recent studies show that Aerial Advertising provides one of the highest recall rate compared to other forms of media

Call and email us to have your brand in the air.