Aerial Filming / Aerial Surveying

Aerial Filming

Our helicopters are available for aerial photography and other commercial convention such as aerial surveys, weddings, marketing events, new brand launches, creative endeavours and aerial filming of oil tankers and vessels, just to name a few. Our helicopters can also be rented for static photography at thelocation of your choice.

As part of your Aerial Filming package, we will assist in applying permits from the relevant government authorities. Our team of experienced aerial photographers and pilots are on site to offer you the best advice to ensure that you encapsulate the finest images.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial Surveying allows you to inspect the big picture progress for your large developments and construction sites. If you are looking to survey a land you are looking to procure, it may be daunting to evaluate the area by merely studying the maps. We are able to fly you to the actual site where you can conduct a bird’s eye view evaluation on the land. This will undoubtly assist you in your investment decision making. Aerial surveyingSallows you to see the whole project from a “global” perspective that is not possible on the ground.

The EC-120-B is perfect for aerial survey due to the quiet cabin and the unobstructed panaromic view. This will ensure that you have a fruitful site visit.

Call us or email to find out more on aerial surveying.

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